We at Globe Hope want you to hang on to your Globe Hope -products for as long as possible. That's why we offer a repair service for our products!

In case your clothes or bags get torn or ripped there's no reason to get rid of them: for a year after purchasing a product we offer to repair it free of charge!

Naturally we do repair products even if it's over twelve months since the purchase, but we charge the direct costs for that. We do, however, hope that you are reasonable with this; if someone brings in a product they've bought, say, 10 years ago or so and they've tried to fix it several times themselves, the product might be beyond the point of saving. As skilled as we are in what we do, we can't perform miracles. In cases like this we ask for your understanding.

Basically, this is how the repair service works:

  • The service is free for up to a year after purchasing it and all products bought from us can be brought in clean to be repaired.
  • The product that needs repairing is brought to Globe Hope’s own store (which would be Mansku10 or our factory outlet in Nummela), where the customers fills us up on some details: from where the product was purchased and what seems to be the issue with it (the customer may also fill a reclamation form that helps us improve our quality control and customer service).
  • After this the product will be sent to our dressmaker’s where it’ll be fixed. When the product is repaired, it will be sent back to the store it was originally brought to for repairing.
  • Finally the customer will be informed that the product is repaired and ready to be picked up, so the customer can get it from the store they brought it to be repaired to.
After the one year limit, the price list is as follows:
Repair service price list
Changing a zipper: 30 €

Repairing of metal parts on clip bags:

Small clip bags: 25 € 

Big clip bags: 32 €

Small sewing repairs:

Clothes: 15 €

Bags: 15 €

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