Sustainable stories since 2003


Seija Lukkala believed 15 years ago that Finnish textiles could become recycled into a timeless and durable design product. At the turn of the millenium textiles were consumed faster than available natural resources: throw away culture had reached already clothes and accessories. The idea of reusing abandoned materials was born. It was 2003 when first collection of clothing made of recycled materials HOPE was represented at Vateva (Finnish Fashion) fair. The concept collection made of recycled army and hospital materials got a contradictory reception: informative consumers fell in love, buyers were confused and the fashion industry was more than surprised. The design concept that changed the industry permanently was born. Selection was sold in the first year to Japan and in Finland to Stockmann and Design-museum shop. Globe Hope's first selected product was a design bag made of Nokia rubber boot arm. The reflector of the rubber boot had been left to the bag so that you could see the person carrying the bag in the dark. This day Globe Hope is a Finnish design house who has a selection of bags, accessories and natural cosmetics. As a designer of sustainable lifestyle products, Globe Hope gives the materials an opportunity. Each product is born from the love to beauty, nature and all materials. Globe Hope is the story of future.


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