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Materials in consumer and b2b products



Material is the base of everything we design. Most of our materials have formed in to trade marks at Globe Hope and they define a lot of the finished look of the product. Our products are made by processing already existing materials to new use. Among our materials is recycled textiles, industrial left over fabrics and various different recycled hard materials. The material range we use in production is very wide and most of it is purchased in Finland. An exception is army materials that are mainly from Sweden or Central Europe. Our factories are located in Finland and Estonia. Most of them are small 1-2 person factories and biggest is aout 15 people. Our sample design studio is located in Nummela.





In our production we strive to manufacture series prodctuin so that we can offer our customers a real alternative to a product made of new material. The manufacturing process of new product is difficult and acquires multiple steps. We strive to use materials as efficient as possible and that is why we try to exploit the original features of materials as well as possible. Sometimes to make a cohesive collection, we need to colour or print materials. We use as natural colouring methods as possible.


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Army textiles are very versatile. They can handle hard use and washing. That is why we have been using army left over materials in our bags and accessories since the early days of Globe Hope. Army materials come from Sweden and Central Europe.

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Seat belts are designed to handle endless use and pulling. When they retire from previous work, they come to us and become stylish designer bags and accessories. Thanks to their shiny surface, seat belts make luxurious vibe to a bag.

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We make bags and accessories of industrial left over leather. Leather is durable and stylish material that can be used timeless products.

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Sails of boats are strong kevlar material or nylon.WHen a boat sail finishes its career as a sail, we manufacture durable design products out of it. 

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Fair carpets are originally only used for a short age, but for us they are durable and light treasures. We clean fair carpets and reuse them as bags or details of accessories.

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Peat-wool is a special mixture of peat, wool and acryl. The material is made in Finland. We make ecological winter accessories of peat-wool.

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Recycle your advertisement materials for a b2b product that has a story to tell. Each product made of advertisement materials is unique and special. Advertisement materials end up in trash too often, let's change that together.

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Work wear is made to last hard use and frequent washing and there is a lot of useless work wear made. Work wear materials are usually heave cotton, durable enstex or cotton mixture that are good for reusing. There is usually also a lot of interesting details to use again in products.

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We make both consumer and b2b products of various other different materials. We can almost reuse any interesting material such as car tyre rubbers, buttons, circuit boards. Do you have something we can make design products for your company?

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