What is Globe Hope?

Globe Hope is an innovative Finnish company that designs and manufactures ecological products from recycled and discarded materials. Through re-designing and re-sewing, left over and old materials are turned into new and unique clothes, bags and accessories. 


Here at Globe Hope we live by our three key values: aesthetics, ecology and ethics. We are committed both in our design and production to the principles of sustainable development and want to offer consumers an ecological alternative and to encourage people to think about their environment. Our clothes, bags and accessories save and reuse the limited resources on Earth and their production is ethical. While we’re not ready to compromise our ecological values, creating interesting, beautiful and practical products is the most fundamental driver for our design team. 

Our headquarters are located in Nummela, some 45km from Helsinki. This is where the design, marketing, production coordination, sample creation, jewelry making, material storage and online store are centered and run by the 13 people that make up the Globe Hope team. You can also find our factory outlet with a wide selection of old and new products at the same premises.

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Our production is done mainly by subcontractors, which are sewing houses of different sizes. As ethical working conditions are a key factor for us, we have personally visited the premises of all our subcontractors. To minimize transportation distances and the related pollution, we have centered our production in Finland and Estonia.  

Most of our subcontractors are specialized in working with a specific material: all our seatbelt products are done in Mikkeli and the banderol products in Central Finland with expertise and craftsmanship gained over decades of working. All the bags and purses with the metal clasp mechanism are made in Nokia near Tampere. 

As an exception, our shoes are made in Portugal and our organic cotton T-Shirts in Turkey. 



We have two seasonal collections in addition to our classics collection, which includes our all-time favourites and best-seller products. The seasonal collections, autumn/winter and spring/summer, consist of clothes, bags and accessories for both men and women. When designing, we always have an important theme driving the design, such as freedom or happiness.

Our collections can be characterized as classical yet including many interesting and surprising details related to the history of the materials. The design process is very material-driven and the tight design team aims to use as many details of the original materials as possible to tell the story and give the products personality. We often also combine different kinds of materials, such as take pockets from old coats and attach them to a bag made from another material. Stamps, signs of previous use and other small details are very characteristic to our products, and two products are almost never alike. Some of our materials also date back a long time – in some jackets from the Swedish army we have even found stamps from as early as 1932!  


Business gifts and corporate offering 

In addition to our own collections of upcycled fashion, we also work together with many companies, associations and bands to create specifically designed products for their customers, employees and fans. It’s always exciting to see an old uniform or banners of our customers being turned into new products. In addition to being ecological and helping our customers to communicate their ecological values, our products are also designed to be practical. 

Examples of past executions are the shopping bags made from Yliopiston Apteekki’s old pharmacists uniforms or Alko’s old advertisement banners.  

How was the idea of Globe Hope born?

Everything started when Seija Lukkala, the heart and soul of our company, came up with the idea of Globe Hope in 2001. She had been a clothing entrepreneur for 13 years when she started thinking about how she could contribute through her own skills towards sustainable development. She simply wanted to go against the trend of disposable fashion and overconsumption. 

The business idea soon started to form around creating unique and interesting clothes without creating new material. The first years of the company were then centered around tackling the challenges related to material sourcing and finding ways to apply traditional textile industry techniques and processes to recycled materials.

The first upcycling collection was launched in 2003 under the brand Hope. The collection was aimed at young trendsetters who value ecological thinking, sustainable development and were interested in quality fashion and making a statement with what you wear. The first collection was presented at the Vateva exhibition during Helsinki Fashion week. The reception was phenomenal! Hope was noticed in the Finnish press and also the doors to Japanese markets were opened. A couple of years later the brand name was changed to Globe Hope.

Since then Globe Hope and Seija Lukkala have been awarded many times for the work in the field of ecological fashion and design, such as: Amnesty International’s Designer Of The Year (2005) and the prestigious Suomi Palkinto for outstanding performance in the field of Art and Culture, awarded by the Finnish Ministry Of Culture (2006). Since the beginning of 2008 Globe Hope products have had the privilege to bear the Avainlippu symbol for outstanding Finnish production and skill. Since 2012 our products have also carried the “Design from Finland” –badge. The Globe Hope collection is sold around Europe and in Japan.


Our shops and the current state 

In May 2010 one of Globe Hope's long-term dreams came true when the first Globe Hope shop was opened in Helsinki. The shop is furnished with recycled production furniture such as metal trolleys and their plywooden trays that were originally used at the old Nokia gumboot factory. You can really sense the history and the stories of the furnishing at the shop.

Summer 2010 brought big news to Globe Hope as the company purchased another Finnish ecological design company called Secco Finland. Secco was known for its products made of hard materials such as computer circuit boards, unplayable LP-records and rubber from car tires. With this merger Globe Hope's material and product range expanded a lot and some products made familiar by Secco were joined as a part of the Globe Hope collection. Also new products were created out of the new material finds.

In Spring 2011 we opened our second store in Helsinki next to Senate Square at the Kiseleff mall. In the future our focus is on expanding the availability of our products in the rest of Europe. We are looking for new resellers and at some point hope to open a flagship store of our own as well. You can read more about our progress from our blog, so stay tuned.

Kiseleff store was closed in August 2016. At the moment we don't have a store in Helsinki. We have our factory outlet in Nummela Finland and shop-in-shop at Design Hill, Halikko. Our webstore is open 24/7 and we ship worldwide.


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