Looking for ecological and ethical clothes?

You've come to the right place! Globe Hope makes ecological and ethical clothes, bags and accessories using a wide variety of recycled and left over materials. Ecology and ethics are really important to us!  We want to impact the world one ethical pair of socks, one ethical design jacket and one ecological bag at a time! You will buy a piece of a story that has environmental and eco-friendly principles. We want to offer you timeless, beautiful, practical and clever clothes, bags and accessories. 

Five good reasons to choose Globe Hope:

1. Slow fashion

Globe Hope is a slow fashion brand. Slow fashion means that we don't take on with all the latest trends but we make long lasting eco-friendly products and fashion. Slow fashion also means to us that the production is close and the batches we produce are a bit smaller. We treat our employees the right way and our products are made in Finland and Estonia.

Since the environmental problems have only gotten bigger, choosing the path of slow fashion was the only choice for us. We love to be playful with our products and consume with good conscience. 

2. Eco-friendly products

All our clothes have been made of ecological starting points. Our clothes are comfortable, timeless, stylish and aesthetical. We represent slow fashion and that is something we believe in.

Quality over quantity. Buy less and choose well. Choosing eco fashion and eco-friendly clothes is an important choice to make.

 3. Ethical clothes & bags

Every piece of clothing and every bag has a story. We have committed to manufacturing our clothes by embracing the principles of sustainable development. Not only will you choose a beautiful and comfortable jacket, but also an ethical and sustainable choice that makes you feel good.

If you are looking for a better choice, choose us. Consume with good conscience.

4. Ecological design

Ecological design for us means using recycled materials and close production. We are offering you eco-friendly design in the form of eco-friendly bags, eco-friendly fashion and eco-friendy accessories.

Environmental values are an important part of our business. 

5. Responsible company

Re-usability, recycling materials, unique design and aesthetics are the whole that makes a responsible company. We have been the pioneers of upcycling and responsibility in Finland since 2003.


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