Helsinki based designer Anssi Ruokokoski is known for material based design and unisex clothes and accessories. As a designer Anssi is inspired by endless creativity that brings joy to people's every day life. For Anssi esthetical, ethical and ecological is a product that is functional, well designed and beautiful. It will last time and it  increases the load of nature as little as possible both before and after.

Anssi has studied arts in Lahti communal college and in Lahti Institute of Design, from which he graduated in 1993. Ansi has won the golden clothing designer award in 2007 and 2008 he was chosen the fashion artist of the year.

Anssi's first products designed for Globe Hope were men's jackets (Prätkä, Ullanlinna and Majakka). Anssi is the head designer of Globe Hope's Autumn-Winter 2018 collection "Riite". The collection is more simple than before since the materials are carfeully chosen to be the most durable uch as left over army materials, left over leather and seat belts.

"Globe Hope's ecological products are designed for those, who truly cares." - Anssi Ruokokoski, suunnittelija


Espoo based Miisa Asikainen (s.1991) is a young clothing desiger who is known for her over the top style and love for the colour pink. Miisa's design process starts from feeling, people and everything around her that inspires. When designin patterns, Miisa finds her inspiration from photography and usually uses her own pictures as the base for patterns. For Miisa, ecological, estethical and ethical product is both functional and really stylish and also brings joy.

Miisa has studied clothing design and fashion promotion in Häme University of Applied Sciences. She graduated in 2016. One goal for Miisa's career was to design products for an ethical Finnish design company. Her dream came also true when she designed a small collection to Helsinki Fashion Week in 2016.

Miisa has designed products for Globe Hope since 2016. Her first product was a leather bag called Mugenyi, a skirt called Kitoro and a dress called Mukondo for Spring-Summer 2017 collection. Now her designed bags and backpacks are for example: Viima, Viima Mini, Tuike, Pilvi and Hohka. Viima is her favourite product.

“Ethical design is like organic food - it leaves a good taste to mouth.” – Miisa Asikainen, designer



Vihti based Seija Lukkala (1961-) is a clothing designer and a pioneer in reusing textile materials. Seija is known for her own SL Studio -label and before all for the Globe Hope design philosophy where abandoned material gives its qualities and story to the product. Seija enjoys most when she gets to her hands some material that has been found useless from its original purpose. 

The longing for esthetics got Seija originally orient herself to textile industry. As a designer she wants to make things in a different way. Seija's company Globe Hope has been awarded many times and it has got many recognitions such as the Finland award for Arts and Culture in 2006.

Seija's first collection Hope astonished the fashion industry. The collection was launched 2003 at Vateva fair and it was designed from army and hospital recycled materials. In the new Autumn-Winter 2018-2019 collection Seija has worked as a general manager but the products have been designed by Miisa Asikainen and Anssi Ruokokoski. Globe Hope istaking steps to more exclusive and premium design with head designer Anssi Ruokokoski. The design itself is more functional, clear and scandinavian.

"It is amazing when a material can shine and give its best qualities to product that is functional and esthetical." -Seija Lukkala

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